Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giveaway from {My Photographica}

As if we didn't have enough goodies to give away already [Seriously...there are now 4 open giveaways to enter! Over $100 worth of scraps up for grabs!] ,
My Photographica is giving away $40 worth of photo-editing actions!

If you've never heard of actions before, don't let this scare you! Actions are simple to load into your photo-editing software and really take your photographs to the next level. I don't think I've scrapped more than 2 photographs without using actions on them first!

It's a quick and easy way to make amateur photographs look absolutely professional. Ever wonder how some scrappers' pictures look like they live in a perfect world? I guarantee their secret is actions, and My Photographica's actions are some of the best ones I've ever seen!
The winner of the My Photographica giveaway will receive:

(1) Essentials Action Pack $40
This Essentials Pack is a MUST have for every scrapbooker. It includes your most basic important actions that build the foundations for beautiful photos.

The Essentials Action Pack Includes:

1. Reveal – brightens, adds contrast, boots levels, and sharpens, all in one step
2. Reveal and Conceal -performs as Reveal does and goes even further to darkens the edges bringing the eye to the center of the photo.
3. Clarity – This is a great action that sharpens your images two different ways without affecting the image.
4. Image size for Web – Automatically sizes your images for the web in one easy step.
5. Color Enhance – A simple action that will give your shot a quick boost of color.
6. Dark Vignette- Draws the eyes to the center of the image by darkening the edges.
7. Light Vignette – Lighten the edges of the photo with white.
8. Afternoon Sun – This is one of my favorites! A simple click and your image has the effect of sun streaming for one direction.

With one click, check out the different effects you can create!
My Photographica will also be giving away the Classic Actions Pack later on this month, so stick around!

You can enter to win the My Photographica giveaway five different ways:

For your first entry, leave a comment with your name.
Example: Mary Green

For your second entry, visit My Photographica's site and become a fan of hers on Facebook! [You can find the link on the right hand side of the site.]
Example: Mary Green: Fan

For your third entry, post in your Facebook status that you entered to win free photoshop actions from My Photographica on Digital Scrapbooking Giveaways and leave us a comment telling us you did so.
Example: Mary Green: Facebook

For your fourth entry, tell us about your favorite scrapbook page/photograph ever!
Example: Mary Green: My favorite page has to be from my honeymoon cruise. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that don't really stand out to anyone else, but make your insides flip over every time you see them. :)

For your fifth+ entry [whew!], tell a friend or two about DSG. If they leave a comment with your name in it, you can score as many entries as your friends will let you!
Example: Mary Green: referred by Lizzy Bond

Good Luck!
The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 12th.


Julie Gropp said...

julie gropp

tiggconn said...

Tami Anderson

Jackie said...

Jackie Doremus

photomagic247 said...

Ramona Pinnick

Jana said...

Jana Millershaski

photomagic247 said...

Ramona Pinnick FAN

Jana said...

Jana Millershaski: Facebook

Jackie said...

Jackie Doremus: Fan

La'Shawn said...

La'Shawn Castings

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Kotz

Thank you very much for the chance to win this great photoactions!!!

Stacy said...

Stacy Hutchinson

La'Shawn said...

La'Shawn Castings: Facebook

La'Shawn said...

La'Shawn Castings: Fan

La'Shawn said...

La'Shawn Castings: My favorite scrapbook photograph page was one of my 1st actually. It was a black and white photo with my DS' red overalls still red. You couldnt see his face b/c he was running through the park. It was cute. :)

Donna said...

Donna Urban

Donna said...

Donna Urban: Favorite scrapbook page is with my daughter and her brand new baby. It always makes me smile.

stacy said...

Stacy Covington

stacy said...

Stacy Covington---became a FB fan

stacy said...

Stacy Covington. Yikes, a favorite page...probably the pages of my mom and daughter together...those grandma shots are so special :)